The Team


Common Interest: Psychology
Common Goals: Achieving good grades and pursue to study overseas

Team Evolution 
Every single team evolves' through a number of phases and would subsequently become a productive team. Of all the models of team evolution, there is a common model which is widely used among everyone. The mentioned model consist of five phases which are orientation, conflict, brainstorming, emergence and reinforcement.

The first phase our group went through was orientation. In this stage, each and every member of the group socialized with one another to get to know each other better. Upon knowing the members in a more insight manner, roles are then established and given to define the work needed to be carried out by each and every members. For our group, we first identified and listed down the specifications of the assignment. After that, each group member was assigned to a specific role according to the things that were needed to complete. Not only that, we also decided when and where our group would meet up during this stage. Even though not all of our group members take the same subjects, we agreed to have face-to-face meetings after MC100 classes to discuss the assignment and each member's progress.

During the second phase, group members began to voice out their different opinions and perspective. As a result conflict within the group began to emerge. With the emergence of conflicts, it would only be natural to discuss each and every opinion presented on the table. For our group, conflicts began to arise when we did not agree on the name of our group and our blog name. Hence, disagreements took place within the group and our group members were then uncertain of the direction of the group.

Thus, this is where the third stage, brainstorming comes in. In this stage, we discussed the pros and cons on each and every opinion or idea presented on the table. Every alternative was evaluated to determine which solution would be the best to be carried out by the team. Each group member voiced out their own opinions and discussed what was the best name to use for our blog. We evaluated alternatives and explored all options that could be used for our group.

The fourth stage is known as the emergence stage. This stage is reached when an idea is agreed upon by the group as a whole and whereby all members are willing to put all their heart into the opinion to support it. After fully evaluating all alternatives, we settled on the name “Squadra” and agreed that it was the best name for our group.

The final stage reached was the reinforcement stage. This is where the group members harmony is reformed to the beginning where efficiency and coordination is at its peak. The group then clarifies the agreed-upon opinion and carries out the tasks given to them in the first stage. As a result, the group strives to give in all by doing the best in order to fulfil their common goals and achieve a satisfying results, for excellence is a habit and not a choice. We clarified and summarized the agreed-upon solutions that were made as a group. Now that our goals are clear, we executed our plans accordingly and strive to do our best. Harmony and peace were restored within our group.